A Team Approach

Terminal illness can be exhausting for both patients and caregivers alike. The demands may simply be too great for loved ones to manage alone. Our experienced interdisciplinary team of nurses, social workers, chaplains, nursing assistants, bereavement counselors, and volunteers ensures that all patient and family needs are met.

Services Provided

Working together as a cohesive unit, our interdisciplinary team provides the follow care: 

Physical Care

  • Direct patient care  - skilled assessment and intervention for complex needs
  • Managing symptoms effectively for pain control and symptom management

Psychological Care

  • Assess and treat psychosocial needs of patients and loved ones
  • Support family members/caregivers up to one year following a patient's death with group and individual counseling
  • Provide personal care assistance and support for patients and their families
  • Assist with locating community services and resources

Spiritual Care

  • Assess patient and family spiritual needs
  • Coordinate with local clergy to provide support for patients, families and the community
  • Provide a caring presence to patients and emotional and practical support for families and caregivers

Additional Services

  •  24 hour on-call support
  •  Medical consultations with hospice medical director
  •  Medical supplies and durable medical equipment related to the terminal illness
  •  Medications related to the terminal illness

This interdisciplinary approach ensures that all patient and family needs are met. It is our goal to ease the pain and anxiety associated with end-of-life issues for everyone involved.


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