Duke Hospice has two inpatient hospice facilities:


Hock Family Pavilion

4023 N. Roxboro St.
Durham, NC  27704

Duke Hospice at the Meadowlands

1001 Corporate Drive
Hillsborough, NC 27278

Hock Family Pavilion

Hock Family Pavilion

Hock Family Pavilion in Durham, North Carolina features 12 private patient rooms, each with a private bath and patio.  Hock Family Pavilion provides the same services as the 6-bed facility located in Hillsborough, Duke hospice at the Meadowlands. Duke Hospice’s inpatient care facilities provide 24 hour skilled nursing care to Duke Hospice patients who cannot manage their symptoms and/or control their pain at home. Hospice care addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their loved ones. 

The building was named Hock Family Pavilion in honor of the $1.5 million dollar gift given to Duke Hospice by Gary Hock and Jim Hock, both local philanthropists.




Hospice at the Meadowlands 

Hospice at the Meadowlands
We offer hospice care at our six-bed inpatient facility for patients requiring more intensive care than can be provided at home. Duke Hospice at the Meadowlands was the first free-standing hospice facility in the Triangle.
Located just east of Hillsborough, the facility is nestled among the rolling hills and ancient oaks of a century old Orange County farm. It is a peaceful setting providing an alternative to hospitalization for patients whose care needs have become more acute.
Planning and assistance will be provided to facilitate transfer when the inpatient care facility is no longer appropriate. Continued hospice care can be provided at the patient’s place of residence, whether that is their own home, or in an alternative residence.
Hospice at The Meadowlands and Hock Family Pavilion are licensed by the State of North Carolina and is Medicare certified and JC accredited.


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