Home Infusion


Duke Home Infusion: Frequently Asked Questions

How will my family members and I learn how to do the home infusion procedurees correctly?

Whenever possible, one of our care coordinators will meet with you prior to your discharge from the hospital or clinic. The coordinator will talk with you about any particular concerns you may have regarding your therapy. You will receive information about your medication and how to administer it. Often, a family member, friend, or significant other is also taught to assist you. A nurse will visit you in your home and assist you with the procedure until you can safely give yourself the drug alone. A nurse or pharmacist is always available to answer any questions, 24 hours a day, 1-800-599-9339 or 919-620-3853. Our patients consistently express satisfaction with the training and support they receive.

How will my home infusion therapy be managed?

Your home infusion treatment plan reflects a thorough assessment of your medical needs, including a complete medical history. Duke Home Infusion works closely with your primary health care team to implement and monitor your home infusion treatment plan and to guard against any drug interactions or adverse drug reactions. Our pharmacists provide thorough counseling on your infusion plan and regularly check your lab results to make sure your therapy is progressing properly.

How do I know whether my equipment is working correctly?

A home infusion registered nurse and pharmacist are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you ever have a question, simply call 1-800-599-9339 or 919-620-3853 and ask to speak to the nurse on call.

How long must I remain on home infusion therapy?

Since each patient's case is different, your physician will be the one to make that decision. The Duke Home Infusion clinical team works closely with your own health care team to determine your particular needs.



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